Jiangsu NJY Expressway Co., Ltd

  • Project Name: Jiangsu NJY Expressway Co., Ltd
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Transportation & Traffic Control
  • Description: Beijing Subway project was a classic example where Chiu Cheung served the Olympic Games. The project was to guarantee the smooth operation at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It was an international tender. Among a large number of domestic and foreign similar brands, Chiu Cheung finally stood out from the rest with its serious attitudes in achieving the targets. In order to have a good understanding of the project natures, on-site evaluation of product samples and investigation into real cases and projects (investigated in the Network Management Center of Guangzhou Telecom) were performed. Chiu Cheung’s achievements have won high appreciation from customers in the real construction with its perfect creative design and high-quality products. In the 2010 Beijing Transportation Coordinating Command Center Project and Suzhou Subway Project, Chiu Cheung incorporated creative conceptual design and identified in-depth connotation of products and urban culture, which has brought the entire project to a new height.