Our Director

Over the past 70 years, with the spirit of "unite and strive, create first-class" enterprise, from a simple hardware firm, to the forefront of China's sheet metal manufacturing industry, with excellent quality and corporate culture to shape the industry's leading corporate image. Beijing Airport, 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou three major air traffic control centers, Hong Kong TVB, were classic cases.

With the intensification of market competition, how to keep this great undertaking and achieve the brilliance of foundation industry for a century? In the face of challenges, we have creatively implemented the three strategies of "marketing, science and technology, and talent", which has provided us with the wings to take off. Cooperation with major systems in the world has led to the expansion of "strong cooperation". The most difficult leaps and bounds depend on the continuous creation of new values. For a long time, Zhaozhang has created tremendous material wealth for the society, at the same time, it has gradually formed an excellent corporate culture with its own characteristics, and constantly innovates in the development.

Taking market development and customer demand as the core, aiming at the commanding heights of the market and innovating marketing, we have forged a "firm and unbreakable" market "edge". We should adhere to the talent strategy of "ability, diligence, virtue and achievement", and cultivate a team of scientific and technological managers with good quality, reasonable structure and dedication. We will vigorously carry out independent technological innovation, establish engineering technology R&D centers established by a large number of high-quality R&D and design personnel, relying on the unique advantages of Hong Kong headquarters, and constantly communicate with the latest design ideas and concepts abroad, gradually build a relatively perfect enterprise independent innovation system, and form a number of enterprises'own core manufacturing technologies.

Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress as well as the source power for an enterprise to achieve sustainable development. Looking forward to the future, Zhaozhang will continue to vigorously implement the strategy of "innovative brand", turn innovation into a culture, strive to build "harmonious recognition", "honesty recognition" and "brand recognition", and continue to strive for speeding up the building of top 100 enterprise groups, founding 100-year infrastructure, and creating world-renowned brands.