Project management

  • Project planning 

    1. Meet with the users to understand their needs.
    2. Analysis the project and study the usersactual needs.
    3. Diversify the job duty to each department to prepare for the projects.
  • Prototype

    1. Set out the production tolerance and quality standard which should be attained.
    2. Design the products and involve R&D if needed.
    3. Make prototype for design improvement and verification.
    4. Re-trial and determine the final design.
    5. Prepare for production.
    6. Verify raw materials and spare parts.
    7. Setup self-inspection in every steps of production.
  • Quality inspection on finished products

    1. Keep checking on the production procedure.
    2. Inspect the finish goods based on the production tolerance and quality standard set in the initial stage.
    3. Correct or discard defective goods in a timely manner.
  • Logistics control

    1. Take final inspection & rectification and site survey before delivery & installation.
  • On-site installation monitoring

    1. Ensure the installation work is carried out efficiently.
    2. Test the product  in different conditions.
    3. Provide operation and maintenance training for the users if needed.
  • After-sales service

    1. Regular follow up on product performance with the customers.